This website, (hereinafter "the WEBSITE"), provides users with the service of an automatic writing system for documents which may be sold individually or through a subscription on the WEBSITE, depending on the country for which the USER is requesting the documents. The WEBSITE may also allow the users to request the customization of a specific form either through translation or localization of the form by a team of specialized translators and lawyers. The services of the WEBSITE will hereinafter collectively be referred to as "SERVICES."

The following provisions define the contractual rights and obligations of the operator of the WEBSITE, The Edge ("The Edge"), and the USERS (as hereinafter defined) of the WEBSITE. USER or USERS shall be defined as all individuals that access the WEBSITE, whether by surfing, reading, viewing, using, and/or purchasing the documents and/or subscribing to the services offered on the WEBSITE. The home page of the WEBSITE is located at the following URL:


Using the SERVICES of the WEBSITE constitutes full acceptance of these Terms And Conditions.

The service provider, The Edge, and the WEBSITE,, provide legal service only when expressly and specifically requested by a USER following the purchase of a form and subject to a letter of engagement duly signed between the parties.



Any access, use, subscriptions and/or purchases on the WEBSITE are available only for legal entities and natural persons of full age and capacity.

The Edge reserves the right to request proof of age from the USER.

The Edge may, at any time, at its sole and exclusive discretion, suspend, limit or discontinue the WEBSITE in order to update it or change its content.

The USER hereby agrees to use the WEBSITE solely for personal use and, in any event, not to use the WEBSITE, the SERVICES or the content of the WEBSITE for any illegal purpose, commercial purpose, advertising or spam.

For any questions or information about the services provided on the WEBSITE or the WEBSITE itself, or to report illegal content or activities, the USER may send an email to:



The Edge's sole and exclusive responsibility shall be in the specific content The Edge provides to USER through the WEBSITE and SERVICES. Any inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise incorrect information added by the USER or incorrect usage of the WEBSITE and SERVICES (including, but not limited to, incorrect usage of documents purchased on the WEBSITE) shall be the exclusive responsibility of the USER, with no liability on the part of The Edge.

The Edge shall not be liable in the following cases:

• Technical or computer failure. The WEBSITE's incompatibility with any hardware or software shall not trigger any liability on the part of The Edge.

• Direct or indirect, material or consequential, foreseeable or unforeseeable damage to the USER arising from the use or difficulty to use the WEBSITE or its SERVICES.

• The circulation of any inaccurate, non-secure or unreliable information on the Internet.

• Illegal use of the WEBSITE, without The Edgeknowledge.

The Edge does not guarantee the effectiveness, completeness, accuracy, result and/or effectiveness of the documents that the USER may create on the website.

The Edge shall not be held liable for any error, omission or inaccuracy of the proposed templates and any damage suffered by the USER who has created a document on the website.

The USER is responsible for:

• Protecting its equipment and data;

• The use made of the WEBSITE or SERVICES;

• Any breach of these Terms And Conditions.

The USER specifically acknowledges that USER bears the entire responsibility for the selection, use, interpretation and personalization of the document USER has created using the service provided by the WEBSITE unless USER formally requests in writing the customization of a specific form by the legal team at The Edge.

The USER acknowledges that the WEBSITE does not provide any legal advice and is not a law firm and therefore that the use of the WEBSITE cannot be considered a legal opinion or replace one unless and until the Edge has received a specific written request to provide a legal advice in respect of or customize a specific form purchased on the WEBSITE.



All of the WEBSITE's elements (including ergonomics, texts, graphs, images, sounds, videos, programming elements, database - this list shall not be considered exhaustive), together or separately, are the exclusive property of The Edge, protected pursuant to the moral and patrimonial rights belonging to their author(s).

Access to the WEBSITE does not represent the recognition of a right, and does not confer any rights, including any intellectual property rights relating to any of the elements of the WEBSITE, which remain The Edge's exclusive property.

Any representation, reproduction, adaptation or partial or total exploitation of the contents, trademarks, and services provided by the WEBSITE by any means whatsoever without the prior express and written consent of The Edge is strictly prohibited and may constitute a counterfeiting infringement of the Edge’s intellectual property rights under any relevant and applicable laws.

The USER is forbidden to enter data on the WEBSITE that would likely alter its content or appearance.



The WEBSITE provides USERS with a catalog of templates to fill out to create documents.

Prices to buy the templates are indicated in the catalog.

The Edge reserves the right to change its prices at any time by posting them online.

The only prices applicable to USER transactions are the ones in effect at the time the purchase is made.

The prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, all taxes included.

The total amount of the purchase,is indicated before the final confirmation of the purchase order.

The payment of the full price must be made when the purchase is made.







When the USER chooses to buy an individual document, the USER makes the payment at the time of the final confirmation of the purchase.

Upon receipt of confirmation of the purchase and payment by the USER, the latter will receive an electronic invoice to the email address personally specified.

If a payment fails because of the expiration of the USER's card, insufficient funds or for any other reason, the WEBSITE reserves the right to suspend the USER's access to the proposed SERVICES, until obtaining a valid payment method.

The USER guarantees to The Edge that the USER has the necessary permissions to use the payment method chosen and recognizes that the transmission to The Edge of the USER's banking information is evidence of its ability and consent to the sale, and to the payment due pursuant to the purchase.

The Edge does not save the details of the USER's credit cards, but the proof of the transaction is archived.

Should the accredited bodies refuse to authorize the payment by credit card or in case of non-payment, The Edge reserves the right to suspend or cancel the purchase and its delivery.

The Edge also reserves the right to refuse a purchase made by a USER who has not fully paid its purchase or has not fully paid a previous purchase or with whom a dispute is unsettled.

The Edge is not liable for payment problems related to the operation of the SERVICES. The USER acknowledges sole responsibility for any problems related to the payment method chosen to access the SERVICES.





The USER may request The Edge to provide a legal advice in respect of or to customize a specific legal form upon the explicit and written request of the USER addressed by e-mail to the following address:


In such a case, the services are provided by The Edge pursuant to a separate letter of engagement that will set out the terms governing the services to be provided by The Edge to the USER.



The USER may not assert a right of withdrawal once the document has been made available to the USER.


The registration on the WEBSITE is free and open to any legal entity or natural person of full age and capacity, with a valid and active email address.

All the information provided by the USER must be accurate and each USER can open only one account.

A USER wishing to register on the WEBSITE must choose a password which is strictly confidential and personal. It is up to the latter to keep it absolutely secret.

The USER may close its account automatically by sending a message to the following address:

The Edge reserves the discretionary right to delete a USER account for any reason.



9.1 Personal data collected 

The Edge will securely collect the following personal data when a USER purchases a document:

• A proof of purchase for the item selected;

• The USER’s email address;

• Any document ordered or saved by the USER.

The Edge collects and stores the personal data that we do so that we can continue offering the SERVICES on our WEBSITE.

When initially creating a USER account, the following information may be collected and stored:

• The USER’s first and last name;

• The USER’s mailing address.

If a USER chooses not to provide this information, access to the SERVICES offered by The Edge will still be permitted. The information noted above is not required. 

9.2 Personal data passed to third parties

No personal data collected by The Edge is ever shared with any third parties. 

9.3 Data Controller

The Data Controller at The Edge is CYRILLE NAFFAH. He can be contacted as indicated below: 

• E-mail address: (This is the preferred contact method); 

• Phone number: Mobile :+961 3 161 119. Landline: +961 1 372201

The Data Controller is responsible for any and all decision-making regarding the collection of personal data, such as the means and purposes of processing, as well as the storage and protection of the personal data.

9.4 Duties of theData Controller

The Data Controller is committed to the protection and security of all USERS’ personal data. This includes overseeing all personal data and ensuring that it is never shared with third parties without a USER’s valid, freely given, unambiguous consent. The  Data Controller’s responsibilities also include ensuring that all USERS’ personal data is used explicitly as described in this policy.

The Data Controller is also the party responsible for ensuring that personal USER data is properly adjusted or deleted when a USER requests, unless doing so would lead to a disproportionately large cost or effort.

If the integrity, confidentiality or security of personal USER data are compromised, the Data Controller will be the party responsible for informing all USERS.

9.5 USER’s rights in relation to personal data collected

Under relevant laws regarding data collection and processing,  USERS have the following rights:

• The right to obtain, access, and/or rectify personal data collected by The Edge;

• The right to erasure of personal data collected by The Edge;

• The right to the restriction of personal data processing by The Edge;

• The right to personal data portability; 

• The right to object to automated individual decision-making;

• The right to decide the fate of the collected personal data after a USER’s death. 

If there are questions about a USER’s rights, that USER may contact the Data Controller using the email address utilized for the purchase of a document or subscription. The Data Controller will respond to the USER in a reasonable time frame, but in no event later than 30 days.

The USER may also bring complaints regarding the processing of personal data to a court of competent jurisdiction or the relevant data protection authority. This includes if a USER believes any rights have been infringed.

9.6 Cookies

The Edge may use cookies. A cookie is a small file stored on the USER’s computer by The Edge while the USER is using the WEBSITE. 

Cookies are used to improve the browsing experience of the USER. The cookies The Edge uses are “session cookies” and do not require USER consent.

Cookies used by The Edge are deleted once the USER closes the browser that was used to access the WEBSITE.


The invalidity of one or more of these provisions does not invalidate any other provision within these Terms And Conditions. The remainder of the provisions, which are still valid, shall remain in full and force and effect.


Should The Edge fail to enforce one or more of the provisions of this document, it shall not entitle the USER not to comply with that provision or any other provision of these Terms And Conditions, and shall not constitute or be deemed a final waiver of the assertion of The Edge's rights.


The Edge has a right to unilaterally amend the Terms And Conditions and to post an updated or edited version of the Terms And Conditions on the WEBSITE. The USER hereby agrees to read the Terms And Conditions each time the USER accesses the WEBSITE. The Edge undertakes no obligation to specifically inform the USER about any changes to the Terms And Conditions. Continued use of the WEBSITE by the USER constitutes a continued acceptance of these Terms And Conditions. The conditions applicable are those stated on the WEBSITE when the USER uses any of the SERVICES of the WEBSITE or the WEBSITE itself.



These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Lebanon excluding their conflict of law rules and principles. The provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods are explicitly excluded.

USER hereby acknowledges and agrees that any disputes between the USER and The Edge arising out of or in connection with the validity, enforcement, interpretation, and/or breach of these Terms and Conditions shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of Lebanese courts.

To the fullest extent permitted by law and especially in case of any dispute between the parties, the controlling language for these Terms And Conditions shall be the English language. Any translation has been provided for Your convenience only, and You may view the Arabic and French language translations at the following links: 

In case of any dispute or claim, however, before undertaking any method involving a third party, USER hereby agrees to first contact The Edge directly so that the parties may come to an amicable solution.