What services does the site offer and how much do they cost?

Contractforall.com allows you to create and purchase legal documents.

  • Creating and purchasing legal documents: between $25 and $150


How do you complete and customize a document?

  • You choose a document.
  • The document is created before your eyes as you respond to a questionnaire. 
  • At the end, you download the document you created in Word and PDF formats. You can modify the Word document and reuse it however you wish.


Who creates the templates?

The templates are created by attorneys and legal experts.

Our team of writers is continually growing as the site becomes more and more successful.

The templates are drawn from best international practices in corporate and commercial law.


Who reviews my document?

The document is created based on your responses. After you purchase a form, if you want to translate it or adapt it to meet your specific needs, you may click on the button “customize my form” which takes you to the e-mail account of one of the Edge lawyers who will respond to you within 24 hours and send you a letter of engagement outlining the scope of work, the fees and other terms that will govern your relationship with the Edge regarding the specific assignment.

The fees payable for adaptation of a form are set out below:

-Translation (3 languages Arabic, English and French and others soon to come): 20$/page (250 words);

-Adaptation/customization: 50$/hour (junior associate); 100$/hour (partner).

Are you a law office?

Yes. The site is created by The Edge, an unconventional and new age law firm.

Is the site secure?

Yes! The data you provide is encrypted. Even we cannot read it, much less share it with others.

Debit card payments are made via Stripe. Paypal secures all transactions completed with Paypal Secure. Wise payments use a 2 level authentication solution (2FA SMS).

We never have access to your credit or debit card number or login credentials.